Healthy Weight Loss - The Real Formula

Trying to lose weight can feel pretty frustrating, particularly if you've tried diet after diet and have not gotten the results you want. But there is a real solution that will get the weight off, and keep it off.

It's actually quite simple: in order to lose weight, we have to eat less and move more. There is no magic pill, formula, or fad diet that will make it any simpler.

And Eat Less + Exercise More = Weight Loss is not a magic formula. It's just common sense. To lose weight, you simply need to expend more calories than you're taking in. Eat a little less and exercise a little more, and you will lose weight.

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The problem is that many diets cause an initial weight loss but the ultimate result is that you gain all the weight back when you go off the plan. Even worse, some not only result in rebound weight gain, but are generally unhealthy.

Crash diets dehydrate you, low calorie diets put your body in starvation mode and slow your metabolism, and high protein diets clog your arteries and stress your kidneys. But we try them, hoping to finally find our way to the skinny person we know is within us. And sometimes we berate ourselves for failing to achieve our goals. Well, we aren't failures. We're just human. Our bodies are hardwired for survival and that doesn't always make it easy to be skinny if that's not the weight that our own body thinks is right.

There are a lot of things that keep us from losing weight, including our own body, but if we can accept a few key things, we can begin to win the weight loss war:

1. Diet and Exercise must work together,

2. We must understand how our bodies work,

3. We must accept that there is no magic formula,

4. We must create our own weight loss plan that you know you can stick with and that you understand.

To do that, you really need to understand not only how your body works, but how certain approaches almost guarantee that you will fail, and why. And once armed with that information, you need to develop your own personalized, safe and healthy weight loss plan that you know you can stick to. You need to understand what will work for you, without making it unnecessarily complex. And once you learn how simple the process of weight loss is, you won't need a weight loss guru anymore, because you will know as much as they do, and more about your own body and how it really works than anyone else but you could possibly know.

Certain universal nutrition laws apply to everyone, but what works for one person might be completely ineffective for the next. There are 6 billion people on Earth, and no two of them are exactly alike, therefore no single diet or food will work for everyone. Each person has a body structure, metabolic rate, digestive capacity, and muscle distribution that is as unique as a fingerprint. That is why any generic, one-size-fits-all diet or exercise plan is almost always going to fail.

In order to succeed, you have to learn how to adjust your diet and exercise to fit your unique needs, and come to the realization that all the stuff people are trying to sell you are not going to help you if you don't learn the real basics of weight loss.

A part of that involves exercise, which does not have to be extreme, and part of it is simply healthy eating, but the most important part is having the information you need to develop your own safe, healthy, natural weight loss plan.


Wie Sie hartnäckiges Bauchfett loswerden

Wie Sie hartnäckiges Bauchfett loswerden


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